Going local in Maui: part 2

I came across some lovely local Hamakua mushrooms at the Mana health food market in Paia, today. I thought fondly of the yet-to-be-cleaned pan that had cooked up some bacon in the morning, and then I grabbed a perfectly ripe heirloom tomato and my brain started plotting. Back in the kitchen, I tossed in finely chopped garlic, shaved asparagus spears and the julienned mushrooms all into the bacon greasy pan. I thinly sliced the heirloom tomato (I chose a marbled orangey-red one for its sheer prettiness), poached two eggs, garnished with fresh ground pepper and Alaea sea salt (a lovely coral colour) and plated away. Served with a nice crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc, this really was yummy. I call this Huevos Hamakua. Perfect for brunch or really, any other time of day.

Huevos Hamakua

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