Asparagus Tart of Decadence

This is a delicious, delectable and decadent (the three D’s of gastronomic success) recipe I had found online and to which I introduced my own little tweaks, of course. Behold! Below, is how I made the Asparagus Tart of Decadence:

sourcream dough
Making dough, yo – this is made of butter, butter, duck fat, butter, sour cream and cracked black pepper. Recipe found here, which makes an amazing and I have to say, perfect crust. I substituted duck fat for vegetable shortening, and I believe I tripled the quantity to fit into a large lasagna pan. I baked the crust with the aid of pie weights and now it is ready to be filled.

asparagus tart
Clockwise from the top-left:
1 – The grating of the gruyère and fontina; I added in the second cheese, as I love the particular flavour of fontina, and also, it is such a good melter
2 – The grinding up of the pink peppercorn to add to the organic sautéed bacon
3 – Mmm thyme + pink peppercorn + bacon squares tossed together
4 – We can all agree, nothing more gorgeous than freshly steamed asparagus, where it still has a slight remnant of a crunch to it. I shaved the asparagus spears to get rid of any tough fibrousness.

And here we are, the Asparagus Tart of Decadence – spears of asparagus in an egg-cream tart set comfortably in a sour cream cracked pepper dough crust laden with a decadent amount of gruyère and fontina cheeses. Thyme flavoured pink peppercorn bacon, served on the side to be sprinkled liberally on top. Delicious!

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