Le Chef

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”
– George Bernard Shaw

Little Ninja ChefFood and the enjoyment of it is something of paramount importance to me, so this blog is about sharing my love of gastronomy. In here you will find photos of recipes I follow, enhance, discover, invent and above all, enjoy.

I grew up in a multi-cultured household outside of Montreal, Canada and so was exposed to all kinds of world cuisine. I also had a fantastic appetite (and still do). I spent many years in the kitchen as a youngling sous-chef and official taster, where I also learnt the art of baking and food presentation. I love to eat excellent food, so what better way to maintain this love than to learn to create it myself!

One day, I started taking pictures of the meals I made and began sharing them online. This has since led to a modest but hungry following, hosting more dinner parties and private catering, interactive cooking classes and more.

When not obsessing about food and fine wines, I split my time between Los Angeles, San Francisco and Montreal as a dancer, choreographer, film and stage actor, stage fighter, web designer and consummate sci-fi geek.

Bon appétit!

Little Ninja Chef

3 thoughts on “Le Chef

  1. Nice food. I too enjoy such delicious cooking. I wish I could just grab through the screen and begin the sampling…Deeeeeeeee -licious

    • Thanks Hector! I mainly do private chef events or TV food styling. I currently am based on the west coast, drop me line if ever you want to host a fabulous dining event!

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