Pancetta, cream, maple syrup, and other things

Another soirée, another dinner party. I promised myself that whatever I made for the guests I had to use as many local ingredients as I could and employ my newest toys: the blow-torch and immersion blender. After I admonished the naughty kids next door for lobbing limes off their parents’ tree over the hedge at dangerous speeds, I looked around our patio realizing that I now had twenty garden-fresh local limes at my disposal. >:)

This is what I came up with…


Amuse-bouches! I am quite proud of this precocious mouth amuser: pink grapefruit seated on a smear of fresh goat cheese, garnished with pink peppercorn, Hawaiian black lava salt, sautéed pancetta mini-cubes and parsley – flambéed with my new blow-torch. Scintillating!


Velouté of delicata squash and spinach with a touch of heavy cream, topped with multi-grain croutons in truffle oil and sautéed pancetta mini-cubes.


Silverlake Chicken – whole chicken slow-roasted in white wine with rosemary harvested from the sidewalk gardens of Silverlake and limes handpicked and lobbed over a hedge by naughty neighbourhood children onto our patio. All this resting gently atop a wild mushroom risotto. Yes! (And I’m so not joking about the naughty children)


“Doux, débile et délicieux” – My little creation of Anjou pears poached in Porto, drenched in a maple-cream coulis and topped with paper-thin lime slices and sautéed pancetta mini-cubes, and then gently torched.

Alcohol + bacon + maple syrup + cream + fruit = you really can’t get more Québecoise than that.

Tsé-veut-direHappy tums, all around.

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