Cutthroat Kitchen!

Friends, foodies, chefs! Sharpen your santokus and sizzle up the olive oil, because I am very thrilled to announce that I will be appearing on the Food Network’s brand new daring show, Cutthroat Kitchen, hosted by none other than the inimitable Alton Brown!
Cutthroat Kitchen

Tune in 10pm/9c on August 11th and watch the battle go down between myself, Chef Stark, Chef Lori and Chef Frankie!

I’m also excited to report that Cutthroat Kitchen will be airing on Food Network Canada starting on August 25th. Happy watching!

3 thoughts on “Cutthroat Kitchen!

  1. You were very robbed. Stark should have gone in the first round, then he was surprised to go in the second round. Would have loved to see how things would have gone with you in round two.

  2. Hey there! Great job on the show. You are absolutely adorable! Now time to spend hours catching up on all of your posts, articles and what-not.

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