Day 1 in an industrial kitchen

Gone are the days of people having the time to cook mindful gourmet meals for themselves. Unless, you’re someone like me, of course, but I’m a crazy food-thusiast and find cooking relaxing, so I somehow always find the time for it. For the rest of us who can’t really put in the time but don’t want to run up restaurant bills and yet still want to eat healthily and deliciously, there is private meal catering. I started cooking such things in collaboration with a local Chef in Los Angeles. Day 1 consisted of cooking meals in customized portions for 8 clients for 3 days. Fun! And of ¬†course, here are the pics:

Chicken and shrimp kebobs on the barbie, yo

Nicely bbq-ed kebobs being tucked away into lunchboxes, accompanied by a spicy cashew dipping sauce. And yes, that is my trusty chef’s knife in the pic.

Kale! Chard! Mirepoix! Beautifully fresh dover sole and shrimp! The seafood will be baked to perfection in olive oil and a touch of paprika.

Look at those colours, just look at ’em. Greens and mirepoix and olive oil.

Five hours of cooking, and we were done, packed, cleaning up and out of there. I swear, I must have uttered the word “mirepoix” at least six times that morning. Gotta be careful, else I’ll wear it out!

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