Beefless in Santa Monica

After every choreography group jam meet, there must follow group cooking followed of course by group eating. We had hand-made pot-stickers/gyoza, south indian curd-rice, tangy salads, including my favourite of finely sliced raw baby bok choy, green onions, almond slivers and a honey-lemon dressing. My contribution was a spicy thai noodle salad made with “beef-less beef,” I kid you not.

Verdicts: TJ’s light coconut milk is the only one they sell, and it sucks. A lot. I ended up adding in a dollop of butter just to give some richness back to the dish. So buy elsewhere for that particular item. But their beef-less beef is actually very good and I’d buy it again. Who knew?!

Funny line of the night: “Hey, are these m*therf*ckers?” – my question to Cyn as I held up one of her red chillies in order to discern how high on the hot index they were. I used four, and it turns out they did give a goodly kick.

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