My favourite way of learning new cooking skills is to explore the cooking of others. With my stomach. 🙂 The dining experience is about to begin, at Tsujita LA, Artisan Noodle…

The other night, we found this absolute gem in Santa Monica called Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle, a place known for its lunchtime ramen. We were there just in time for dinner at the sushi bar and it was delectable.

This Agedashi Tofu was perfection. They even had a mochi ball!

A beautiful tray of the freshest sea bream, tea broth, rice, tsukemen sauce, seaweed and toasted pine nuts. The fish and rice were to be eaten in stages, starting from sashimi style and ending in a brothy soup. Exquisite.

Dessert could not be resisted. Green tea crème brûlée with fresh berries in a berry coulis. Berry nice, indeed.

Mochi: simply delicious.

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