Soirée at the Hollywood W Residences

Martini glasses of chicken-seafood paella - I have to say, this was the star of the evening in my eyes. Paella. Martini glasses. Sexy presentation and deliciousness. how can you go wrong?

The Event: Celebrity Realtor Soirée – a wine and dine held across three different gorgeous units, guests would wander from suite to suite admiring the design as their palates were catered to with gourmandises.

The Chefs: Chef Manouschka Guerrier and Chef Stuart O’Keeffe with sous-chefs Natalie and myself

The Location: The exquisite LEEDS certified W Residences in Hollywood. Each suite is completely designed by different designers. I had a hard time choosing which one I’d love to live in for a while.

The Plan: sheer deliciousness



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