Thanksgiving Dinner: cooking with R.

Here is the photographic evidence of my first fun and delicious American Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles. I was in charge of “doing something good with the beans, because we just don’t know what to do with them.”

Slicing green beans lengthwise – NOT for the impatient. Takes forever but is totally worth it in taste and texture. What I wouldn’t have given for my grandmother’s trusty vegetable cutter.




R whisking up the gravy (and yes, that is a forestgreen Le Creuset crock pot in the background)

Prepping ingredients for the bean side dish – loosely based on a Catalán recipe I had in Barcelona once: red onion, french shallots, celery, apple and green beans

Keep the sweet potato peels! They make fantastic sweet potato chips when baked in the oven with olive oil

Haricot-licious – sautéed together to a pleasant cooked crunchiness!

The Usual Suspects – stuffing, maple-pecan topped sweet potato mash and cranberry sauce

A gorgeous turkey nestled in a bed of green beans, it was tender and delicious. An all-around delectable American Thanksgiving.

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